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Call for Papers (SciTech 2023)

The AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Rotorcraft Simulation Discussion Group will host multiple special sessions at SciTech 2023. These are a continuation of the previous SciTech special hover sessions that were held from 2014 to 2022. Organizers seek high quality papers covering a wide range of topics dealing with hover simulations including rotor performance, aeroelastic windup, boundary layer transition and flow separation prediction, wake capture, and aerodynamic interactional effects Consider revealing your blind predictions of the NASA/U.S. Army Hover Validation and Acoustic Baseline (HVAB) rotor test. Details of the run-conditions, guidelines, expected results, abstracts of previous investigations, geometry and grids are available the AIAA Rotorcraft Simulation Discussion Group website:


A new common download prediction challenge will be revealed in May, 2022. Code-to-code comparisons will highlight details of this complex aerodynamic flow field including flow separation location, frequency content of the shed wake, and sensitivities to height above the ground plane.


Call for papers is available at: Participants will need to upload abstracts by June 1, 2022. Abstracts should clearly detail the focus areas of your hover investigations. When submitting through AIAA’s conference website for SciTech-2023, please choose:

Topic -> "Applied Aerodynamics",

Sub-Topic ->"Special Session: Rotor-in-Hover Simulation Sessions"


This will ensure that your submission is tagged correctly.


SciTech 2023: 23-27 January 2023

                          Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center

                          National Harbor, Maryland

Aviation 2022: 27 June - 1 July 2022

                           Hilton Chicago

                           Chicago, Illinois

SciTech 2022: 3-7 January 2022

                     Manchester Grand Hyatt

                     San Diego, California

Aviation 2021: 2-6 August 2021


SciTech 2021: 11-21 January 2021



Aviation 2020: 15-19 June 2020



SciTech 2020: 6-10 January 2020

                          Hyatt Regency Orlando

                          Orlando, Florida


Aviation 2019: 17-21 June 2019

Hilton Anatole

Dallas, Texas

SciTech 2019: 7-11 January 2019

                     Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

                     San Diego, California

SciTech 2018: 8-12 January 2018

                      Gaylord Palms

                      Kissimmee, Florida

SciTech 2017: 9-13 January 2017

                      Gaylord Texan

                      Grapevine, Texas

SciTech 2016: 4-8 January 2016

                      Manchester Grand Hyatt

                      San Diego, California

SciTech 2015: 5-9 January 2015

                      Kissimmee, Florida

SciTech 2014: 13-17 January 2014

                      National Harbor, Maryland

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