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Abstracts of the papers in our special sessions



SciTech 2024 Papers 

  • AIAA Hover Prediction Workshop: Overview & Future Directions

  • CFD-CSD Pre-test Hover Predictions Validation for the HVAB Rotor

  • Predictions of HVAB Rotor in Hover with Cone and Lag Effects

  • Prediction of HVAB Hovering Rotor Performance and Ground Effect using Mercury Framework

  • Influence of Configurational Parameters on the Vortex System of a Rotor in Hover

  • Isolated and Installed Rotor Simulations of a Scaled Helicopter Rotor in Hover Using Wall-Modeled Large-Eddy Simulation

  • CFD Simulations of a Hovering Tiltrotor in Ground Effect

  • Fast High-Fidelity Analysis of a Hovering Rotor with a Dual-Solver Hybrid CFD Methodology in HCPMP CREATE-AV Helios

  • Effects of Rain on Hover and Forward Flight Performance of the S-76 Rotor

  • High-Fidelity Analysis of Lift+Cruise VTOL Urban Air Mobility Concept Aircraft in Hover

  • Aerodynamic Investigation of Shrouded Rotors with Dual Exit Channels

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